Beagle Books, 112 3rd St. W., Park Rapids, MN 56470

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Beagle Books sells KOBO e-readers. Stop by the store for a demonstration. Sister Wolf and Beagle Books are now offering Kobo e-books which can be read on your iPad, laptop, computer, smart phone, tablet or e-reader. To sign up for an e-book account, ask for help at either store, or download these simple directions.

For help with problems during the initial set up of a KOBO e-readers or tablet, call us at 218-237-2665.

For all other problems:

1. Visit, and click the link to 'Contact Customer Care'.

2. Fill out the web form with your contact information and a description of the issue.

3. By clicking "Phone," a "Click 2 Call" box will open, asking you to provide the telephone number you wish to be reached on and the call will be immediately queued with the next available representative. Chat and email options are also available. Each option is flagged with an estimated wait time.

Welcome to Beagle Books!

Beagle Books is an independent bookstore that's Indie Bound, located in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Monday through Saturday: 9:00 to 5:00
Sunday: 10:00 to 4:00

For information call Manager Jennifer Wills Geraedts at 218-237-2665

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What's going on?

May 2, 2015 is Independent Bookstore Day
May 2 is going to be a big day for Beagle Books: read about it on our events page!

Beagle sells used and sale books online through Alibris...

Remember to bring in your USED BOOKS for us to sell in our store or online!

Beagle offers fresh eggs, too!


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